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Cameo is 18x20mm




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Custom Work

Most custom work involves either making a special piece to be auctioned at an event to raise funds for charity or making a piece to order from one that is the wrong size or color.  Sometimes custom work means setting a stone that is of value to the customer, sometimes a gemstone and sometimes an artifact.

Also, there are sometimes pieces that someone has which need to be redone or reworked, sort of recycling a favorite stone into a different or more modern setting. I don't do all kinds of stone setting, however.  I will tell anyone who asks for custom work to be done that I have my limitations. If I cannot do the work I do often know of someone to whom that custom work can be sent and I'm not too proud to send people off to a jeweler or craftsman who might be better able to do the job.

Here are some custom jobs I have done.

These pieces I reworked for a client who wanted them done in anti-tarnish sterling silver instead of their original brass so that they would go with more of her other jewelry.  She wears almost all silver. 


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