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Large 30 by 40 mm Green man made cats eye cabochon is sculpted with 21 gauge anti-tarnish sterling silver wire into a striking pendant about 4 inches long

$105 plus tax if applicable



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Welcome to the Jewelry Store

First, let's lay out some ground rules for shopping, descriptions, payment, shipping and returns in order to avoid problems later.

Unless otherwise stated in the description, each jewelry piece is hand-crafted by jemyl.  Genuine gemstones are listed as such.  Otherwise the stones are man-made.  Prices given are for the item and include shipping and handling, but not sales tax unless otherwise stated.  Pieces are generally shipped via U.S. Postal Service First Class Priority mail.  The sales tax rate for Florida and Putnam County, where I am located is 7%. I have to pay it on all I sell. Florida is cracking down on merchants who sell online so everyone likely has to pay too.  I have set it up with PayPal to be for Florida residents, but they will charge it if they believe everyone has to pay.  Every effort wil be made to be sure that you are aware of all charges before your piece is shipped.  This is why your valid email address and phone are requested. 

No pieces will be shipped until payment is fully received. That is, until your check has cleared and funds are deposited in my bank, your PayPal payment is completed and the amount is available to me in my PayPal account, or your money order has been received and cashed by jemyl.  Returns are only accepted within 7 business days of your receipt of the item, and the item is still in new condition.  There is a twenty percent restocking charge for any returns unless they are for an exchange and in any case, return postage, including any applicable insurance,  is the responsibility of the purchaser (That's you, not and not Ellen L "jemyl" Johnson) . Returns on earrings are frowned upon and any and all returned earrings will incur a $5 cleaning/sterilizing charge in addition to the restocking charge.  (Can you tell that, in most cases, returning earrings just does not pay?)  Before any returns will be accepted, Ellen L "jemyl" Johnson must be contacted and approval for the return secured. 

This is to protect everyone involved.  Yes, we want you to be happy with your jewelry purchase.  At the same time, we must protect our jewelry from being "rented" for one occasion and then returned for a refund.  If this practice is suspected of a client of Jewelry, said client will no longer be able to purchase jewelry here.  If you are not sure about a purchase, or have any questions about it, call or email jemyl before you purchase.  Most of the time jemyl will put a piece on hold for you while your questions are being answered.  We want you to be happy with your purchase.  We want you to feel secure and sure about it before you buy.  Returns are a hassle for everyone.  At the same time, understands that occasionally circumstances change rapidly in one's life and a purchase must be returned.  If that happens to you, please let me know immediately and I will work with you to find a solution agreeable to both of us.

Now that all of the hard "stuff" is said, browse our current offerings.  If there is something that you want and don't see, email or call jemyl to see if it is available.  Stock is rotated in and out of the Internet store.  Thus, if you see something one week and it is not there the next, be sure to email or call me to see if it was sold or just rotated out for a while. 

No two pieces of jewelry crafted by jemyl will ever be exactly alike.  That is because wire and stones all behave differently depending upon several factors.  Everything from temperature and humidity to jemyl's mood and hand strength through the temper and amount of handling/annealing and softness of each individual wire used. Even the manufacturing process and polishing process of the stones used, from man-made right on through the finest faceted genuine gemstones will affect the workability, reflectivity or light absorption of each stone used.  The stone and wire sizes, too, can make a difference.  That is the true beauty and uniqueness of hand crafted jewelry.

Email jemyl:    Phone jemyl: 352-481-4423 Monday-Friday 10 a.m. thru 11 p,m. Eastern Time. Sorry, I gave up my message service as 99% of what I got were ads for scams.

Snail Mail to jemyl: Ellen L Johnson, 108 Ash Street, Hawthorne, FL 32640-5625


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